All About Town

Samuel Marlow

Producer, Writer-Director

Samuel Marlow is a writer, director and producer who grew up in the Kent town of Tunbridge Wells. He has worked on over a dozen movie projects since leaving college, his roles ranging from writer and director to producer, director of photography and editor.

Sam has said he always knew he wanted to work in motion picture in some form, inspired by watching the films of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas as a child. In his teens and early 20s, he became more interested in the motivation of characters, and concepts such as the Hero's Journey.

Sam was motivated to write All About Town by the varied landscapes and people of his home town, and sought to incorporate themes to do with the Hero's Journey in an attempt to explore to what extent an ancient set of symbols and motifs can be integrated into the modern world.

After initially training as a production designer and graphic designer, Sam moved to West Kent College (now called K College) in Tonbridge to study motion picture, photography and design. After graduating, he returned there to teach video production at National Diploma level.

Since 2010, Sam has run the Electric Lantern Festival to bring a selection of original and unusual films to an new audience.

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Photo © and courtesy Ellen Montelius, 2012.