All About Town


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All About Town is feature-length anthology film. Currently in pre-production, the film will be shot on location entirely in the West Kent town of Tunbridge Wells over three weeks in the summer of 2015 using local cast and crew.


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Set during a freak heatwave, All About Town tells the stories of twelve groups of people living parallel lives in an English commuter town. The twelve chapters take a funny, whimsical and, at times, moving look at the characters, each of whom comes from a very different background and outlook on life and the world. As we move between tales we start to see we are all struggling with the same questions, are subject to the same fears and hold the same hopes and dreams for the future.

As the film progresses we are introduced to a couple on the brink of separation who decide a "peaceful" row on the lake may be what their relationship needs, followed by an office worker who is sent to stall the head of his company while the board of directors concoct a plan to get rid of him. Meanwhile, a researcher finds a mysterious photo of a woman standing the bombed out remains of a house, a struggling actor needs help learning his lines, and a schoolboy enlists his elder brother to help him impress a girl he has a crush on.

Two florists receive a series of increasingly bizarre phone calls, and we follow one bunch of flowers as it is taken by a woman looking for the grave of her great-uncle. At the same time, a grumpy old man is frustrated by everyone and everything he sees around him, and a young man who breaks into his old primary school on the eve of its demolition to make way for a sparkling new academy has an encounter with a figure from his past.

In a café, a divorced husband and wife have one final verbal sparring match before burying the hatchet, a small girl distracts herself at a restaurant table, and a teenage girl is dragged to a gig by her best friend.


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Currently in Pre-Production, All About Town will be shot entirely on location in the Kent town of Tunbridge Wells over three weeks in the Summer of 2013 using local cast and crew.

The production will create employment opportunities for over 100 actors, performers, artists and technicians, and many more opportunities for people to volunteer on the shoot or simply to shadow it to see how micro-budget features are made.


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Production Company:   Tower of Light Motion Picture Co.
Running Time: TBC
Rating: TBC
Colour: Colour
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Format: HD (1080p)
Sound: Stereo
Release Date: TBC
Country: England, UK